Change Log / Updates

Here you can find the latest additions and fixes for BLRP

Change Log / Updates

[UPDATE] - 28/06/2020

Several scripts have been disabled due to either intensive resource use and little utility or just being almost completely unused.

-Get In Trunk script
-Dashcam script
-Weazel News script
-Fishing Job
Incoming - next few days

New body-damage script ensuring that people RP injuries - you will have no choice in the matter.
New House Robbery script - rob NPC houses, Police get called, dogs might bite you, or you might mess up and trap your foot in a door.
Gang Member Limit

Gangs can now have up to 8 members - however the limit remains 5 for major crimes.
In your HQ or in territories you can have up to 8.
In order to add new members there must be an RP background to adding new, I dont want 10 tickets "add xyz#1234 to the gang please" unless you can prove you've been RPing with them.
The idea is that you take people on as prospects/recruits etc. first to see if they fit.

[UPDATE] - 25/06/2020

ELS-FiveM IS GONE - fuck that script. Long live ELS+!!

New Whitelisted Vehicles
Thanks to the hard work of a good chunk of the Police working for several days, all Whitelisted jobs now have new, improved, reskinned and tasty vehicles.
So its a big thanks from me (cos I didnt have to do shit) and I'm sure thanks from all the other whitelisted roles too!
Those guys put in a serious amount of work to give BLRP totally unique vehicles which is fantastic, every other server can suck it. Twice.

Gang Territories

Gangs now have territories to fight over! Controlling them gives access to some special stuff, also means they have to fight over territories and Police can try and take them back off gangs too.
To those gangs who aren't "official" this gives you something to work towards to make sure your Gang RP is decent and not horseshit.
More territories will eventually be added, but for the moment the ones in the pic below are the ones available.
P.S They all belong to The Lost MC. Cos the rest of you are shit.

Coming Soon
-Updated Yacht Robbery
-Armored Truck Robbery

[UPDATE] - 15/06/2020

Re-enabled civ road traffic - testing this in 0.0x increments to find an adequate balance. This may or may not remain so don't grow too attached until I decide.

[UPDATE] - 11/06/2020

Reworked the ID/Speaker overhead script.

People speaking now have an orange marker at their feet, you still hold Z to get ID's

[UPDATE] - 25/05/2020

Normalised the rewards from Banks, also increased the number of Police required to be online to start a bank robbery.

As an addendum to the above: Please keep in mind that it is unlikely you would rob multiple banks within a short space of time, you would most likely go into hiding to ensure you weren't arrested.

[UPDATE] - 19/05/2020

Three new player-owned car dealerships with a range of vehicles for purchase!

[UPDATE] - 17/05/2020

MRepair kits now cost £8,000 - RP with your mechanics

Fire-mode toggle system disabled: It makes you shine lights from your hands

[UPDATE] - 16/05/2020

1. New Police uniforms and script courtesy of @c.osborne
2. High-ranking RPU now have access to 2 new faster cars, so those of you who speed around in supercars, beware.
3. Reworked and re-enabled the holster weapon script - its a bit quicker and less wank.
4. Trialling a fire-mode toggle system:
All weapons have a safety feature - enabled by default, you have to turn safety off before you can shoot.
Automatic weapons 3 fire mode options: single shot, burst or full auto.
You now have to manually reload your weapon.
If you are shot it automatically makes you do the injured walk and reduces your run speed a bit.
Fire rate, and safety controlled via E, reload controlled via R
This is just a trial don't piss and moan too much
All that active after next restart.

[UPDATE] - 12/05/2020

Shop robberies edited. Fewer shops to rob but you can be 5 units from the safe. Anyone found to be exploiting will be banned. You know who you are and what you are doing. Stop being shitcunts.

[STREAMER UPDATE] - 08/05/2020

Mee6 bot will now automatically announce when you go live on twitch!

[UPDATE] - 04/05/2020

Added Bike spawn at the airport for newcomers to the city.

The Prison now has a Gym in the yard.

You can rent a bike when you leave Prison too, walking in the desert is scary.

[UPDATE] - 04/05/2020

You can now message Police/Mechanic/Taxi/Ambulance using the old method of Phone > Favorites and sending them a message and it will automatically include your GPS coordinates.

For those of you who use a controller, A no longer opens the Phone.

Disabled Emote Keybinds because they conflict with controllers, also disabled B from opening Emote menu.

Text messages received should no longer show a notification in French.

[UPDATE] - 03/05/2020

Reduced the ridiculous number of items needed to craft a Pistol.
-Removed Basic Sights, Magazine, Accessory Rail, Barrel

The rest of the crafting requirements for it remain the same.

More changes are coming regarding crafting/weapons because at the moment it is...not good.

[UPDATE] - 03/05/2020

Cooldown for each shop robbery reduced by half, now 90m cooldown for each shop, rewards increased significantly.
Bank robbery rewards increased significantly

[UPDATE] - 03/05/2020

Holster Weapon script has been disabled as an experiment.

If this is abused by anyone, i.e you run around while pulling out your weapon, then you will be punished accordingly.

If enough people are found to be abusing the fact it has been disabled then it will be re-enabled.

[UPDATE] - 02/05/2020

Disabled /anontweet
Now you gotta stand behind what you say ;) No more hiding keyboard warriors.

[UPDATE] - 02/05/2020

Added Mechanics and Taxis to favourites - sorry lads for the exclusion..

[BIG BOI UPDATE] - 30/04/2020


It's slightly more complex than the previous one, as a result you have to be a bit more mindful of how you use it.

The Phone has keyboard/mouse control options:
Goto Settings > Mouse Control > yes/no

The chatbox tweet/anontweet in top left of screen will be removed once everyone is comfortable with new phone, or after 14 days, whichever comes first.

Now, onto the phone itself:

1. Twitter/Instagram both require you to make an account with a username/password.

2. Tweets are stored, can be liked, retweeted etc. Same for Instagram

3. You can turn off notification sounds in the preferences for each app.

4. You can change the language of the phone in Settings (do this at your own risk, if you fuck it up I wont help you fix it)

5. You can check your Bank Account and send money via the Bankmanager app

6. Yellow Pages works as a notice-board. You can click on and call/text the person who places the AD.

7. Reddit app works as a mini-reddit. You can make your own subreddits etc.

8. Tetris, Snake, 2048 all work if you're bored.

9. You can pay your bills through the phone too!

**There will be bugs, the difference between 5 people testing and 64 is huge, there will always be issues found that we didnt find during testing so please make a ticket if you find one and if possible include screenshots**

[UPDATE] - 01/05/2020

Combined the Cocaine processing requirements, so now you only need Coca Leaf and the other two items you needed. Coca Paste is gone since it was also being an old peen.

Combined the Cocaine processing requirements, so now you only need Coca Leaf and the other two items you needed. Coca Paste is gone since it was problem

[UPDATE] - 30/04/2020

Drug script/Moneywash reworked, and fixed (I hope so anyway).

[UPDATE] - 28/04/2020

Mirror Park looks epic.

[UPDATE] - 26/04/2020

Player ID's are now back in /anontweet

Paleto Bay has also been renovated.

Reduced AI traffic density, kept AI pedestrian density the same

[CITY UPDATE] - 25/04/2020

The City Developers have been in and have added lots all around the City, Sandy Shores, Grapeseed and more. Drive around and see, its even better than before!

[INFO UPDATE] - 23/04/2020

The sharing of Drug locations will result in them being changed, they are valuable areas, use them for an advantage over other people.

[UPDATED] - 22/04/2020

The items required to rob a bank have been added to vendors in the city. Please bear in mind that the Police do not take such attempts lights and may heavily fine you and/or shoot you in the face.

[UPDATED] - 22/04/2020

"Official" Gang applications are closed - this is as a result of Community feedback. No more "official" gangs will be added for the time being.

[LOCATION CHANGE] - 22/04/2020

LSA location has been moved - the race is on to find it..

[UPDATED] - 22/04/2020

The final update of the fines list has been pushed (this was queued before the vote and had never been applied).
This is to balance out the potential reward for criminal activity with appropriate risk.

[UPDATED] - 19/04/2020

Medics Can now put patients in hospital due to injuries!

Thanks to Mr. "IS THAT OSBORNE?" OSBORNE there are now even MORE Rims - over 100 extra to choose from for your rimming needs.

Police now have Lightbars back - abuse of this will result in permanent removal of your nipples, and the script.
Talk to tom28 to understand the restrictions on using it.

[SUSPENDED] - 18/04/2020

Yacht Robbery is being suspended until the script is reworked.

[ADDED] - 15/04/2020

New rims in the customs!

Most will be in the sports section, ENJOY!

[FIXED] - 15/04/2020

Removed the blip to nowhere from Sandy PD - crims can no longer use it to escape.

Air Ambulance no longer throws you out 10ft in the air when you respawn. You now respawn inside a Ward at Pillbox Hospital.

Heroin Processing - my bad. Works now tho. Still not gonna tell you the recipe

[FIXED] - 14/04/2020

Updated the sale price of Meth to be in line with the risk of producing it.

[ADDED] - 11/04/2020


A fancy Yacht has anchored itself just off the beach and the morons who own it have left it full of valuable stuff for the enterprising criminal!

You can swim there if you want, but you'll be wetter than a middle-aged woman at a Nickelback concert....

Word is that on a jetty nearby, there is a guy that will sell you either a Jet-Ski or a Dinghy, but he wants paying, not too much though and he does not take dirty money.

Be aware that the Yacht is rumoured to have a special alarm system that calls the Police when its being robbed and as such they may show up and try stop you!


Courtesy of our own Mr. DPorter89 🤡💀 we have a range of 17 new vehicles to buy from Arnold Clark, and he has also done a list of Donator Vehicles! More info on Donator Vehicles will be released shortly, so don't ask questions about them just now.

[FIXED] - 10/04/2020

Meth problem has been fixed.