British Life RP

A British themed FiveM server with great expertise in roleplay.

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Rules and Regulations

Golden Rule

You are to roleplay AT ALL TIMES whilst you are on the server. If a person breaks one of the servers rules in your roleplay situation, you are to continue and once able, make a ticket on discord to have the situation resolved. (Roleplay First, Report Later)

The only people who may take any situation out of character are members of staff. Reports for members of staff in-game will not result in any response and /report should be used for emergencies only.

General Rules

➤ Show respect to everyone on the server, no matter their role.

➤ We welcome constructive criticism but have zero tolerance towards aggressive or entitled demands.

➤ Harassment, abuse, hate speech or any kind of discriminatory speech will not be tolerated.

➤ NSFW content is not allowed (images, text - including your avatar and nickname).

➤ Do not advertise other discord, FiveM or third party websites.

➤ Do not reveal private information about any other person, or yourself..

General FiveM Rules

➤ You must be atleast 16 years of age to play this server.

➤ Use of the BLRP Discord/Teamspeak is allowed to communicate amongst your group in character.

• Whilst speaking via this method, you should also speak in-game to allow those nearby to hear you. Your character should also be equipped with an earpiece, or radio to allow for this to happen.

➤ Metagaming: Purposely using or relaying information which your character did not learn in game (Twitch Chats and Discord Channels included) to shape in game roleplay.

• For Example: using what you’ve learned from watching other streams and chats to make large leaps in speculation to end up “knowing” how things work.

➤ Powergaming: This involves using either game or roleplay mechanics to alter a situation so it best suits your desires. You must be willing to roleplay a situation to its fullest and not ruin the experience of others.

• Sprinting/Fighting as soon as you leave the hospital, or are revived by medics
• Talking/Organizing while downed.
• Roleplaying you have unrealistic superpowers.
• Not using /me to notify people of something they should notice. Example: If a cop /me checks over your body - you should reply /me has stab wounds if you were stabbed.

➤ Value of Life: You must value your life as if it was your last. You must also value the lives of others.

• If you are at a clear disadvantage you must comply with any demands. i.e a gun is pointed to the back of your head whilst you are turned around.
• You may attempt to flee any situation, however, if it does not end in your favor, the other party may create a ticket and petition for a forced perman character kill.
• Howevever, If you are out-numbered 3 to 1, you must comply.
• If a person values their own life, i.e complys with demands, you may not kill them. If they are non-compliant, then you do not have to value their life.

➤ Multiple Characters: We allow you to have up to 4 characters, there are some exceptions on what you may roleplay these characters as.

• You may not roleplay your characters are family. They need to be totally seperate and have no knowledge of each other.
• You may not have characters in both police and an offical gang.

• You may not transfer, or assist with the transfer of any assets between characters belonging to the same person. Injuries, Death and Permadeath

➤ If you are downed for any reason you are required to roleplay suitable injuries for a resonable length of time.

• If you are treated by a member of EMS, it would be reasonable to assume you remember the events leading up to your unconciousness.
• If you are revived by a member of EMS, you are to remain in their custody until you are told otherwise by EMS.

➤ If you are respawned at the hospital, you are to forget the events leading to your demise and carry on from waking up at the hospital.

• You are to forget as you have not had the opportunity to correctly roleplay any injuries, thus cannot reasonable resume the same situation.

➤ A player may decide that events in their character’s story have lead towards the character being dead for good.

• The death of a character can have a big impact on not only its story, but the stories of the characters connected to it.
• If your character is downed and you decide it’s time for it’s permadeath, all you need to do is roleplay the scenario out with EMS when they find you.
• You may use the /me command to give the EMS/Doctor characters the right indicators. Example: “ /me has no pulse.” leading towards “ /me has died due to their injuries.”

➤ See Gang Rules section for information on Permadeath for gang members.

Crimes/Criminal Roleplay

➤ Crimes are limited to a maximum of 5 criminal participants.

• You are a participant if you are in communication with the criminals, such as a lookout, distraction or getaway driver.

➤ Hostages must be organic, you cannot kidnap friends, paid actors or pretend to be a hostage.

• Hostages are allowed to attempt to flee, if not being watched, or held at gun/knife point

➤ Any crime in which the police are in attendance, you are required to speak with them before any violence may occur.

• Alternatively, you may choose to flee without saying a word.
• If negotiations take place and terms are agreed, they must be adheared to. Do not agree to terms you cannot/will not adhere to.

Gang Rules

➤ Gangs are limited to a maximum of 5 members and a minmum of 3 members.

• If gang membership drops below 3, there is a 1 week period where they require to raise their members above 3.

➤ Gangs must have a specific colour and uniform theme that needs to be worn.

➤ Gang leadership may be transferred at any time to the next in line.

➤ Gang leadership may also be forcefully taken so long as there is a 3/5ths majority.

➤ Gang leadership are free to decide what terms they apply when members wish to leave, or are removed from their gang.

• This may include the use of permanently killing an ex-gang member, however, this must be done with some thought. It will not apply if you just 'run and gun'
• By joining a gang you automatically agree to this.

Whitelisted (Legal) Roles


➤ Forbidden from storing/transferring/selling police issue weapons.

➤ GREEN indicator required to kidnap an on-duty police officer.


➤ Remain neutral party in all situations (cannot favour one group over another)

• Must revive first person seen at any situation, unless directed otherwise by nearby persons.

➤ Must (try) to attend all situations that they are called to.

• Cannot be told not to attend/revive any specific person, however, may be told to wait a short amount of time before reviving others on scene.

• If the situation is still active (shots fired, fights etc) medics are required to wait roughly 60 seconds or until told that the situation is resolved.