British Life RP

A British themed FiveM server with great expertise in roleplay.

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What is BLRP?

British life RP is a FiveM server in where users can come together and roleplay but British Life RP isn't like any other roleplay server, this server is British/Scottish orientated, we have added many british items, for example, british AI driven cars, the police are modelled after Police Scotland and the NHS are all british as well, mechanics have british themed trucks and a custom workshop and salesroom, and many other enhancements just to make the time of the players more enjoyable, with constant updates and new aspects being added you will never get bored!

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Change Log / Updates

[UPDATE] - 28/06/2020

Several scripts have been disabled due to either intensive resource use and little utility or just being almost completely unused.

-Get In Trunk script
-Dashcam script
-Weazel News script
-Fishing Job
Incoming - next few days

New body-damage script ensuring that people RP injuries - you will have no choice in the matter.
New House Robbery script - rob NPC houses, Police get called, dogs might bite you, or you might mess up and trap your foot in a door.
Gang Member Limit

Gangs can now have up to 8 members - however the limit remains 5 for major crimes.
In your HQ or in territories you can have up to 8.
In order to add new members there must be an RP background to adding new, I dont want 10 tickets "add xyz#1234 to the gang please" unless you can prove you've been RPing with them.
The idea is that you take people on as prospects/recruits etc. first to see if they fit.

[UPDATE] - 25/06/2020

ELS-FiveM IS GONE - fuck that script. Long live ELS+!!

New Whitelisted Vehicles
Thanks to the hard work of a good chunk of the Police working for several days, all Whitelisted jobs now have new, improved, reskinned and tasty vehicles.
So its a big thanks from me (cos I didnt have to do shit) and I'm sure thanks from all the other whitelisted roles too!
Those guys put in a serious amount of work to give BLRP totally unique vehicles which is fantastic, every other server can suck it. Twice.

Gang Territories

Gangs now have territories to fight over! Controlling them gives access to some special stuff, also means they have to fight over territories and Police can try and take them back off gangs too.
To those gangs who aren't "official" this gives you something to work towards to make sure your Gang RP is decent and not horseshit.
More territories will eventually be added, but for the moment the ones in the pic below are the ones available.
P.S They all belong to The Lost MC. Cos the rest of you are shit.

Coming Soon
-Updated Yacht Robbery
-Armored Truck Robbery

[UPDATE] - 15/06/2020

Re-enabled civ road traffic - testing this in 0.0x increments to find an adequate balance. This may or may not remain so don't grow too attached until I decide.

More Updates...