British Life RP

A British themed FiveM server with great expertise in roleplay.

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What is BLRP?

British life RP is a FiveM server in where users can come together and roleplay but British Life RP isn't like any other roleplay server, this server is British/Scottish orientated, we have added many british items, for example, british AI driven cars, the police are modelled after Police Scotland and the NHS are all british as well, mechanics have british themed trucks and a custom workshop and salesroom, and many other enhancements just to make the time of the players more enjoyable, with constant updates and new aspects being added you will never get bored!

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"Great server, good rp and fun. if you're looking for a rp server to join, BLRP is the one offers a good expierence with welcoming members and easy to understand with a little bit of hard work"

Smaul - Mechanic

"Ever since I joined the city it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done the community is so friendly and from a police perspective it’s an excellent place for some serious police rp, everyone in the community has their own personality’s and it’s an amazing community"

DOOFY - Police

"I really enjoy British Life RP for many reasons, the community is so welcoming, the server is constantly being updated and new things are getting added means the owners care! and the level of effort to make the game British is noticeable!"

Jake27 - Police



If money is all you care about then start mining! head down to mine with a truck and fill them up with those resources that are used throughout the city


Looking for a quite job, but a subtle money maker? then a tailor job is for you! Make the clothes and items that Citizens of the city need today!


Enjoy driving trucks? Want to fuel these trucks? join the vital fueler job and get the fuel around the city! QUICK! Join fueler today!


Need to take a break out from the city and get away from the chaos? then head up to the lake in sandy and become a Fisherman today!


CHOP THAT MEAT! The butcher job is a good money packer. you grab all them juicy chickens and get them sold off for a great pay packet!


This city needs you! the lumberjack job is a very good job for money and resources, start the lumberjack job today, You got wood!

The Big Boys

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